WorkWeb has an easy to use, well organized, milestone based project management software tool.  If a team gets together on a brainstorm session and comes up with milestones for a one off project, a team member can easily configure a new Project that is bespoke.  What makes this the best project management software you can purchase is the efficiency gains for companies that are managing projects on a regular basis that are easily converted into a template.  Users are able to create a new Project Template by creating a list of Milestones within the Project.  When the user is creating the Template, they have the ability to create instructions, specify the standard duration in days from start to finished allowed, expected hours:minutes (billable and non-billable), and dependencies.  

Users report WorkWeb as the best project management software they have used because it is a standard project management tool that is inside of an A-Z business automation system, which allows the user to relate the project to other important information from other areas of the Professional Services Automation Software (PSA).  Users are able to manage the project milestones and recalculate the dates when milestones slip their standard timelines.  Users are able to easily post their billable and non-billable time to their Time Card automatically, saving hours of administration time every day, week, month and year.  Users are able to add or remove milestones before or during the project to account for real world challenges.  

The Workflow System is heavily tied into this module.  Workflow rules can be created by the users to alert before milestone due dates to keep the team proactive.  The system can automatically change the master status and the status of the milestones if the user does not complete a milestone before its expected completion date; which means that the user’s can easily visualize any items that have fallen behind.  Users can program the workflow to send communications internally and externally; a powerful toolset that makes it the best project management software you can purchase at this price.  

Users report a major benefit of using this WorkWeb module is the ability to relate the object to one or more Service Inventory Records.  The Service Inventory records are pages of structured data in user defined fields, customized to the business needs.  When managing milestones, there are many times when the project manager needs to look for key customer data that is related to a specific contract or service agreement.  The ability to have this information on the same page as the project milestones saves massive amounts of time flipping between screens.  

Best Project Management Software Available at the price offered.

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