Business Development Consultant Executives & Leadership

WorkWeb is interested in speaking with driven professionals that enjoy complex business consultative discovery activities.  In the tech industry vernacular we are looking to hire Business Development Executives (BDE’s) in cities and towns across the United States and internationally.  Virtual consulting is not going away, but there will always be a place for a business consultant to physically meet with people in their local area (in a radius of their choosing) to speak and develop relationships.  WorkWeb is interested in working with Business Sales People that are able to create their own meetings with business leadership teams & has the ability to work with a customer that is interested in a conversation regardless of location on the globe.

WorkWeb is not currently translated into different language packages, but when the moment comes, we will invest in translation.

WorkWeb is interested in speaking with sales professionals that are good at process reengineering with strong presentation skills.

These positions can be described as Sales Representatives or Account Executives, but the key to success for these positions is the ability to conduct complex business conversations with ownership teams, partnership teams, CXO teams, Middle Management Teams, Ground Level Personnel alike.

WorkWeb is a product that has natural boundaries in what it can and cannot due as of todays date; Companies and Organizations need what they need, and want what they want.  WorkWeb is looking for Business Consulting and Sales Professionals that are able to have straight foward conversations to identify if the wants and needs of the potential customer are satisfied by WorkWeb as it is that day.

WorkWeb is interested in speaking with Business Consultants that are able to work with the Product Management team to estimate costs of development when a customer want or need falls outside of what WorkWeb can do as of that date.  WorkWeb invites its customers to ask us to develop features and API’s.

If you are a person that has an ability to learn a PSA system well themselves that they can ask the correct questions and answer with nuance and insight.

WorkWeb Business Consultant Business Development Executives are expected to use the PSA features that are built for salespeople, which means we are not interested in speaking with people that are not committed to extensive data entry in a culture of ‘Communal Accountability’.  WorkWeb has a culture committed to the capture of structured data so that we can analyze those data for key business insights.

The number of conversations per unit of time that a BDE has is the X factor for any sales person working with a commissions package.  WorkWeb provides its BDE’s with leads generated from the Marketing & Branding efforts in a round robin fashion.  WorkWeb intends to spend a significant amount of money on content development and distribution that will be published in such a way as to produce a line of interested customers entering the virtual front doors and saying “I am interested in a conversation”.  WorkWeb is waiting for the new economy of the people to invest in the effort.

Compensation for this position is built to provide a stable financial boat to sit in with sails to catch the commissions wind.  WorkWeb understands that the future economy based on National Currencies not associated with the current Central Bank paradigm will be incredible with different rules and economics.  Therefore, the compensation conversation is to be determined.

Equity grants on vests are an option.

Business Consultant Customer Care Staff & Executives

WorkWeb is looking to speak with Business Consultants that are strong Project Managers, Software Trainers, and Process Reengineers.  WorkWeb is an extremely customizable system which means that its customers can be extremely creative.  WorkWeb is looking to speak with people that enjoy working with individual people and teams to solve business issues with software when possible and are capable of intaking a question and spinning through options rapidly to provide insightful answers. 

WorkWeb would like to have conversations with Project Managers that understand the pros and cons of waterfall, milestone, agile, scrum, kanban, and scrumban.  WorkWeb has a Project Management Module that works to the strengths of milestone project management.  WorkWeb will develop a Agile Module soon, its on the roadmap.  Our customers may or may not be formally trained in the different Project Management paradigms but they know their business.  WorkWeb is looking for Business Consultants that can operate in milestone and agile concepts at the same time.  The ability to think and behave appropriately at the same time provides the ability on a consulting level to suggest insightful process reengineering and configuration setups to maximize the efficiency at a given choke point.  

Sales focused Business Consultants work with Operations focused Business Consultants to help our customers develop a roadmap of their own to initial launch, system tuning, staff training, Human to Machine (H2M) interaction optimization, Machine to Machine (M2M) interaction optimization to increase success of all Human to Human (H2H) interactions.  

WorkWeb will invest in written, infographic, video, and VR content to help companies onboard to WorkWeb and to properly conduct ongoing management and morphology, but there will always be a place for H2H interaction.  

WorkWeb seeks to work with Business Consultants that learn the entire PSA system at a granular level and to use the system within the culture of ‘Communal Accountability’.  WorkWeb Business Consultants in our operations staff work with current customers to onboard and help them over time imagine new ways of perfecting their WorkWeb experience and help potential customers in the same fashion in partnership with the sales Business Consultant.  

WorkWeb is interested in Business Consultants that work with the Project Management team to wrangle any problems or provide options for feature upgrades and or customizations.  

Compensation for this position is to be determined pending the launch of the next economy after the fall of the current system.  We seek to provide a person in one of these positions the ability to pay for an existing family or imagine a new family with a single working parent on a stable financial boat.  

Equity grants on vests are an option.

Data Science

WorkWeb understands Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language deep networks and machine neural networks – as well as quantum computing.  Human neural networks, brains, are able to process in ways that machines cannot with the technology of 2021.  WorkWeb will be investing in AI driven Q&A to help customers as part of our long term strategy not as a replacement of operations staff but as an augmentation: AI Assisted Decision Making.

WorkWeb is interested in speaking with Business Consultant Data Scientists that want to learn about each of our customers at a very granular level to help them configure a wide ranging software system to meet their needs and wants.  WorkWeb will be helping companies shift away from improving ‘situational awareness’ to providing everyone that interacts with their organization ‘situational understanding’.  To accomplish this shift, an organization must trap and structure as much data as possible to establish a real time enterprise wide operational capabilities and strategic positioning picture.  AI Assisted Decision Making allows a person to make a natural language query into the software system and receive several options in response based on an all domain analysis in real time, nuanced by security controls.

WorkWeb is interested in speaking with people that understand data science and have subject matter expert skills needed to create innovating and modern data fusion and analysis.  WorkWeb has R&D projects to work on to enhance the product.  WorkWeb has business metadata that needs to be analyzed.  WorkWeb desires to continually improve on all fronts by trapping and analyzing as much information as possible in as near time as possible.

WorkWeb is like a young Salesforce, the data science concepts that they are working on as a big tech company are the same data science issues WorkWeb is looking at.  WorkWeb is interesting in speaking with AI, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Data Science professionals at any point in their career.

Compensation for these positions are to be determined pending the new economy.  The goal is to provide an existing family or a person imagining a new family a single income potential.

Equity grants on vests are an option.

Cybersecurity & Information Security

WorkWeb is looking to speak with Certified Information Security Professionals (CISSP’s) to lead the data and info security team as the Chief Security Officer.  

WorkWeb is seeking conversations with business consultants with cybersecurity experience to help WorkWeb customers learn about and implement cybersecurity tools that WorkWeb provides as a reseller and value added vendor.  Business Consultants that work with WorkWeb customers to educate them on NIST & CMMC cybersecurity and information data security systems and protocols.  WorkWeb Cyber Business Consultants help companies onboard to cybersecurity systems, teach them to use it and handle long term morphology.  

WorkWeb is a technology company and works hard be as safe and secure as possible in the ever increasingly contested cybersecurity digital battlefield.  WorkWeb is interested in speaking with cyber and data info security professionals that want to detect, hunt and kill threats.  

Compensation for these positions is to be determined pending the next economy.  The Goal is to provide an existing family or a person imaging a new family with a single income family opportunity.

Equity grants on vests are an option.

Marketing & Multimedia Content Development

WorkWeb is similar to Salesforce as a product, but much younger.  WorkWeb will invest massive amounts of capital into content development and the distribution of that content.  WorkWeb is interesting in speaking with Marketing Professionals, Branding Professionals and Content Developers.  WorkWeb spent its first 2 years in stealth and came out to the market developing a channel first sales strategy with referral partners.  WorkWeb achieved stable flight after a boost from a private equity seed round.  WorkWeb is in a holding pattern at current altitude waiting for the rise of the new economy.  When the moment comes we will select the best team to build and distribute content.  

WorkWeb is interested in learning how to advertise in the new economy which may have different power-players and networks compared to the current fleet of Big-Tech Social Media companies and internet companies.  WorkWeb is seeking conversation with marketing, branding and revenue talent that can handle rapid innovation and program development to distribute WorkWeb content to current customers, current partners, employees, investors, government, community, potential customers and former customers.  

Compensation for these positions are to be determined pending the new economy.  The goal is to provide an existing family or a person imagining a new family a single income potential.

Equity grants on vests are an option.

NASA & US Air Force Innovation Ambassador

WorkWeb understands that the next economy in the United States of America will be driven by the Artemis Program.  The United States Air Force and the United States Department of Defense is abandoning the Legacy Military Industrial Complex and turning to the American Private Industry for rapid innovation and manufacturing.  WorkWeb seeks to become an information hub and consulting group that helps existing and new companies entering the Commercial Space Industry.  

WorkWeb has unique Ecosystems that provide for Network Effect for WorkWeb Users.  WorkWeb is looking to speak with an Ambassador to help develop this concept.  

Compensation for these positions are to be determined pending the new economy.  The goal is to provide an existing family or a person imagining a new family a single income potential.

Equity grants on vests are an option.