Some businesses have partners that pay a monthly commission for referral sales. Commissions processing software usually does not include a way to validate the accuracy of the commissions payments received from a different company. Most often when a company has a software that is capable of calculating commissions, the commissions are based on product/services sold by the company itself on its own invoices; resulting in commissions calculations for the salespeople and partners based on either invoices created or invoices paid. The WorkWeb Professional Services Automation (PSA) software includes a Complex Commissions processing solution capable of calculating commissions on goods/services sold as a business, but also includes the ability to import a spreadsheet that is a “commission report” from a vendor or partner that paid a commission.

Sales managers and finance specialists know that calculating commissions is a source of conflict in many organizations. Commissions Plans come in many flavors from simple to complex; they can be different for different salespeople in an organization, different rates for different types of salespeople, various spiff & incentive programs for different groups and different times, channel integration issues when salespeople want to team up – there are many reasons why the calculation of payment can be challenging. WorkWeb provides its users with the ability/necessity to specify the commissions rules for every single individual contract that is out there. WorkWeb provides its users with the ability to keep it simple and use the same rules all the time for every deal – however the real world rarely allows for such rigidity. WorkWeb provides the financial team with the ability to treat every deal (commission line) under its own unique rules. The flexibility of the system is unmatched – because it had to be to gain market share.

A company that is going to process their earnings through WorkWeb will import the data from the spreadsheet into the staging area which offers the administrator an opportunity to visually inspect the import for any glaring issues, and allows the admin to understand how many Mystery Records there are (payments that are unknown to WorkWeb), how many payments are “Out of Tolerance” and should be examined for accuracy, how many records have “No Payment”, and which records are “As Expected”. If the administrator is happy with the data going in, the data is processes and parsed into these 4 different groups.

After the complex commissions software brings in all of the commissions data from one or more spreadsheets, the administrator works to understand any of the payments that were not as expected, and to handle them appropriately. Tickets can be created to help the financial team track commission disputes with anyone that needs to be taken to task. WorkWeb can hold some of the records back from processing if adjudication extends multiple months. The goal of the administrator is to move as many records as possible into the “OK to Split & Pay” bucket. The Administrator is ready to tell WorkWeb to “Split the Commissions” according to the rules established for every contract record.

*Some WorkWeb customers onboarded to WorkWeb for the first time with commission spreadsheets with greater than 10,000 commission line items per month. WorkWeb does actually have a tool for rapid onboarding that does not force a team to manually create rules for thousands of records.

WorkWeb will split the commissions payments to anyone and everyone in the organization or outside the organization that is due a piece of the payment. The output of the Complex Commissions Software Module is accurate calculation of the commissions payments that need to be paid to people and organizations.

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