WorkWeb has a robust CRM that any experienced or new sales person can use to conduct prospecting and selling activity.  WorkWeb has a robust WorkFlow system that allows individual sales people or the sales directors to create sequences of automatic communications that go out over time based on a trigger event.  WorkWeb has offers an Integration with MailChimp Email Campaign Management, which provides a sales team with a robust HTML based email campaign system.  WorkWeb has a list of integrations that are planned for the CRM to enhance the ability for sales people to filter sources of data, scrape the world for data, and automate some of the outreach and content delivery to people on your Prospect target lists.  

WorkWeb can be used by any sales person in prospecting mode when they want to filter a list of people in the CRM they want to speak with as fast as any other CRM on the market.  The user navigates to the Prospect or Contact list page, filters for the list they are targeting and then makes phone calls or takes other actions.  Salespeople in manual mode report 3 minute cycles when sending LinkedIn Connection Requests, sending quick emails, making phone calls that end in voice mails.  The wrap-up time for WorkWeb CRM is on part with other CRM products.  

WorkWeb salespeople have the option of creating sequences of Workflow that will save them time.  WorkWeb Workflow can be configured to send 1 or more emails instantly or over time to a person, people or group.  WorkWeb can alert users or conditions such as a Prospect that has engaged.  Users must recognize that every email that will be sent automatically is based on a template which may or may not include auto-text; users must have the gumption and creativity to create the words in the templates that people will read.  Users must recognize that every company and potentially every person is different and they may want to trigger 1 or more workflow rules of their own design; users must have the gumption and creativity to create the database trigger rules.  

When a salesperson or salesteam uses workflow, they are saving time for every email or task that is created automatically.  Workflow on a small-scale is not very impactful.  Workflow on a large-scale is revolutionary.  Workflow requires the team to have meetings to discuss how they want to trigger and what they want to happen when a trigger event happens.  Teams that use the workflow system well save thousands of hours of labor per unit-time because they have to type less, fewer items fall through the cracks requiring reactive support.  

WorkWeb PowerTools Workflow allows teams to create sequences of automated workflows, which shifts the entire organization into proactive management.  

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