As a matter of National and International Security, the United States of America will not, cannot lose the battle for the ultimate high ground, orbital and cislunar space.  WorkWeb observed the United States Department of Air Force, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Department of Advanced Research and Development Agency conduct a simultaneous right-wheel maneuver and reorganization of force posture in the first term of President Donald J. Trump.  The Department of Air Force is the newest of all of the branches of the United States Department of Defense.  The origins of the Air Force started in the Department of the Army.  We the People, at the time, issued an expectation to the Department of Air Force to compete for, create and maintain domination of the Aerospace war theater to create maximal deterrence to evil practices as possible; We the People, then and now, expect our Department the Air Force to maintain strategic positions of offense and defense needed to deter Peer-Nations and Great-Powers from starting an All Domain War.  We the People, then and now, expect and authorize our government to conduct first strike nuclear offense if an enemy element goes past the red-line thus triggering ‘American Ape-shit Factor’, as described by Dr. Lani Kass, US War College, formerly Israeli Defense Forces.  WorkWeb observed the Department of Air Force, NASA and DARPA change directions in tandem to align with the National Defense Strategy of 2018.  The Department of the Air Force publicly measured and announced their actions according to the NDS.  NASA, DARPA and Air Force measured their actions against the Decadal Surveys, which provide an organized and formal voice of We the People for our goals for space exploration and commercialization.  

The Department of the Air Force figured out how to dominate earth orbit and cislunar space in the 20th Century, enjoying absolute domain domination on a global level for greater than 60 years.  The Department of the Air Force also contains within it the US Air Force Cyber Force and the US Space Force and Space Command.  The US Air Force was tasked by We the People to learn how to ‘Fly, Fight and Win’ in the Cyber Battlefield.  The US Air Force was tasked by We the People to fly, fight and win in the entire domain of Aerospace, and Electromagnetic Spectrum.  We the People expect the US Air Force to find ways to apply quantum technologies to maintain pace in Great Power Competition.  We the People tasked the US Air Force with abiding by the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.  We the People tasked the US Air Force with maintaining our National strategic and tactical nuclear triad capabilities.  We the people tasked the US Air Force with providing our military, our people and the militaries of our then allied nations with well coordinated intelligence and shared strategic and tactical capabilities.  We the People have asked the US Air Force to create an Internet of Military Things capable of providing all sensors and shooters with enterprise wide situational understanding.  

Most importantly – We the People – expect the US Air Force, and thus the entire Department of Defense to hold the earthly high ground battle positions but also to maintain the moral high ground.  If the moral high ground was lost somewhere down the line, We the People expect the US Department of Defense to recapture the moral high ground.  

WorkWeb was founded in 2014 during the Obama Administration.  WorkWeb was unaware of the Blockchain industry prior to 2015.  WorkWeb is a Colorado company, which means that when it came time to conduct a private equity seed round, WorkWeb plugged into the entrepreneur, angel, VC, Banking, shark-waters of Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Texas.  As it turns out, Boulder, CO in particular is a globally known hotbed for Blockchain project startups and projects.  The Colorado University Cryptography Math Department is world class.  

WorkWeb acquired unpaid beta customers in 2014, connected to the digital payment systems of the legacy banking system, and converted beta customers to paying customers in 2015.   The WorkWeb project was interesting enough in its potential to attract some additional CXO leadership and enough capital to fund 1.5 years of R&D and growth, 2016-2017.  President Donald J. Trump took the reigns in 2017.  Word got out in the Denver/Boulder/C-Springs entrepreneur circles in 2018 that the WorkWeb team holds traditional conservative America first, US Nationalist ideals, and the hunt for capital became a desert.  WorkWeb is on record at the Denver 2018 Public/Private Townhall (first of its kind), with a question to the panelists asking the US Government officials to begin building a National Blockchain Network before the Fiat System has a heart attack.  

WorkWeb launched its Invoicing and Billing platform in 2017’ish.  WorkWeb observed the Bitcoin market manipulation of 2017-2018.  WorkWeb conducted intellectual property development via research and development activities to understand the technology frontiers in the blockchain industry.  The study of the Blockchain industry is a study in technology, economics, money, politics, science, math, philosophy, cosmology, experimental and theoretical physics, quantum physics, transhumanism – religion.  

WorkWeb observed the creation of the new nation of Asgardia, the first Space Nation launch its national territory into orbit in 2016 “Asgardia-1”.  Asgardia is shunned by the United Nations for many reasons.  Asgardia has been successful in direct diplomacy efforts with some nations directly.  Which ones exactly, WorkWeb is not certain, though WorkWeb suspects the USA is one of them (hypothesis at this point that needs more research).  Regardless of the diplomacy, Asgardia makes some pretty basic points, to be a nation a territory must be claimed, government established, culture defined, money system defined and implemented, population of people that adopt citizenship and a population born into citizenship (ability to defend and persist).  Asgardia meets all but the last 2 elements of the Nation definition; Asgardia plans to birth a human in Earth Orbit in a space habitat that is Agardian National Territory, thus creating the first natural born Asgardian.  Asgardia must be able to persist over time, and to do so they must have a way to defend their way of life from Nations and or Great-Powers that could crush the birthing nation.  There are small nations on the surface of the earth that cannot prevent a super power nation or other obsequious great-power operators from taking over, New Zealand for example.  Asgardia plans to maintain a human presence in and beyond earth orbit starting in the 2020’s.  Asgardian’s must rely on a new international space industry and the United States Space Force to create an ever increasing safety profile for sustained national, commercial and research activities in the Space Domain.  Asgardia has a national currency, a CryptoCurrency on the Ethereum blockchain platform called the Solar which was originally launched as an Ethereum Cryptocurrency but in February 2021 moved over to Qtum Blockchain.  

The United States of America does not have a pre-ordained right to total domination of the Space domain.  The United States of America lost the moral high ground, and slowly the dominance of the space domain eroded quickly post 2000.  The morale of the United States Air Force, and the strategic munitions stockpiles were depleted by the end of the Bush, Clinton, Bush Obama Administrations.  President Donald J. Trump put the heart paddles on the chest of the US Air Force and shocked them back to life by turning on the lights and empowering the military to re-take the moral high ground as soon as he came into office.  The fiat money presses ran at FULL SPEED early to replenish the military stockpiles to maintain both strategic deterrence.  President Donald J. Trump also put the heart paddles on NASA and NASA by giving them the ability to execute the missions issued by We the People, according to the priority of We the People.  

We the People built the National Defense Strategy that demands an America First strategy according to our national objectives.  The Cyber warriors of the Department of Defense were fighting with one hand tied behind their backs – defense only, with Presidential Authority required to be offensive.  The United States Air Department of Defense fell behind the curve in the Digital Battlefield under the Bush, Clinton, Obama years.  President Donald J. Trump in 2018 signed the paperwork needed to put the Air Force, Space Force, Cyber Force in the drivers seat, on the offense and on auto-pilot; he told the Air Force, NASA and DARPA to uphold their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, for the Republic that it stands, against enemies foreign and domestic, to re-capture the moral high-ground, to re-capture leadership worthiness.  

In 2018, WorkWeb observed the Federal Civilian Government Securities and Exchange Commission as well as several Banking Regulators slam the regulatory pendulum towards prosecution of people committing crimes in and around the CryptoEconomy, which resulted in a public opinion cool down.  WorkWeb also observed the United States push the world to the brink of All Domain War in April 2018 with strikes in Syria.

In 2018, WorkWeb observed that Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (the BRICS Alliance) unite as 41% of global population against the IMF-WorldBank-CentralBank with a new and competing bank called New Development Bank.  WorkWeb observed Soros, Rockefeller, and other Old-Big-Money begin taking major positions in both the Public and Private CryptoEconomy.  In 2019 Private Growth Capital Firm Thoma Bravo acquired ConnectWise, a WorkWeb competitor, for $1.5B.  In February Koch Industries completed its acquisition of Infor, a WorkWeb competitor, for $13B.  Systems such as WorkWeb, ConnectWise, Infor are part of the same class of software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems.  These systems also contain invoicing systems, which provide a perfect use case for Blockchain and CryptoCurrency functions because digital payments for invoices created is an opportunity to make money.  WorkWeb was on the way to creating a CryptoCurrency of its own for its Invoicing and Billing module in 2018; the abort button was hit in 2018 because the international geopolitical chess match was hyper chaotic.  

In 2019 Facebook and a league of Big-Tech companies pushed on SDR’s and ESDR’s to legitimize StableCoins.  The IMF-WorldBank-CentralBank players began playing forward their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) structure.  The Democratic Socialists in the United States began to advertise their desire to abandon America First National Objectives in favor of adopting Globalist Democratic Socialism, which is modernized 21st Century Communism.  The Democratic Socialist Party began popularizing Universal Basic Income (UBI), returning to the Paris Climate Accords and Kyoto Protocols, launching of the Green New Deal, and more.  WorkWeb observed policy changes at the whim of policy makers on a national and international level in 2019 and 2020 which showed no real progress.  The Democratic Socialists were either excited about CryptoCurrency or excited about Central Bank Digital Currency between 2018-2021.  The GOP Republican Party behaved like they had never heard of the Blockchain Industry, CryptoCurrencies or the CryptoEconomy, it seemed that the GOP Republican Party thought the Dollar was going to be able to hold its place as the World Reserve Currency ad infinitum.  It seemed that the only party that did not know that the US Petro Fiat Dollar was going to its death against the CryptoEconomy was the GOP Republicans, Trump included.  During the first term of President Trump, the Legislative and Policy Makers did nothing revolutionary, when revolutionary was needed; every nation on the planet must create new laws that can also be enforced to guide innovation companies such as WorkWeb in the blockchain industries and crypto economies.  

Though the pundit have spun the story several ways over the last years there are only 4 horses trying to win the battle to become the “Money System” of the 21st Century.

  1. IMF-CentralBank Fiat Legacy Financial System
  2. IMF-CentralBank Digital Currency System
  3. Pure Web3.0 Internet of Chains Public Blockchain Puritanism
  4. National Currencies not controlled by the IMF-CentralBank system
The Fiat Legacy Banking System suffered a hart attack and the current economy we have is the equivalent of post heart attack adrenaline keeping the horse going as the oxygen is used up. The IMF-Central Bank Great-Powers have committed terrible crimes and they will be prosecuted.  41% of the world is going to leave the IMF-CentralBank system when the BRICS Nations decide the time is correct to leave.  The United States of America will not adopt the Central Bank Digital Currency system because team-Biden lost.  The Public Blockchain Puritans will persist and nations will absolutely need to provide new laws and regulations to guide American’s in their engagement of the Blockchain and Crypto Economy Activity.  The resulting economic and monetary chaos of the CryptoEconomy is less appealing to the general public compared to using a common medium of exchange that is common within a nation.  Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa partnered up to ensure they each had a stable banking platform that would allow them to each maintain their own sovereign national currency.  The BRICS Nations, same as Asgardia, assert their right to launch and maintain a national currency.  We the People in the United States of America demand that our Department of Defense provide a technology platform capable of supporting a new National Currency System after the corrupt people in the government and banking system are removed from positions of power.  

The Artemis Accords are the beginnings of the development of new body of law to guide nations and private enterprises in the engagement and interaction in the space domain of earth orbit and cislunar space.  The Artemis Accords seek to adapt the well adjudicated laws, standards and norms of behavior for international waters and apply that to space.  We dont want dangerous behavior in space, a very hostile environment for people.  War in space is bad for everyone for hundreds of years.  The United States of America currently has a dominant position in Space and is demanding that space faring nations and companies must be safe.  We the People will not succeed the dominance in the Space Domain, the ultimate military high ground.  We the People also recognize that the Joint Military Team that maintains a safe operating environment in space must be the team that holds the moral high-ground.  We the People, the mob of the USA, the 90-95-99% of America have for too long allowed our liberties to be removed as the rise of modern Marxism politics mixed with Luciferian Cultic Religion pulled the Department of Defense off of the moral high-ground.  The Information wars are raging, and naturally there is disagreement about when the moral high ground was ultimately lost.  The declassification of information is currently happening – the rabbit holes will be reduced to the truth in the process.  WorkWeb recognizes that regardless of when the moral high ground was lost, the moral high ground was regained in 2018.  Military brinksmanship of World War 3 was completed in 2018 – the people that needed to surrender, surrendered in 2018. 

The United States Air Force changed their force posture in 2018 in a major way.  “Fights On! Does it Connect? Good.  Does it Share? Better.  Does it learn? Perfect.  We need to be more agile and more lethal.  Now!” – General David L. Goldfein, 21st Join Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.  The United Sates Space Force and NASA joined forces to conduct Socratic International Direct Diplomacy to gather support and buy in to the Artemis Accords and Abrams Accords.  

The BRICS Alliance nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will not allow NATO and Globalist Powers to remove their national sovereign rights.  India destroyed a satellite with a ground based missile in 2019, creating a massive debris field in earth orbit, clearly demonstrating a unified refusal of the BRICS Alliance to allow the USA to maintain space domain domination if the moral high ground is no longer honored.  There is an obsequious evil that has persisted for thousands of years and is distributed in secret societies.  Freemason politics and Luciferian religious experience is a part of the human experience as long as we have written records.  The BRICS Alliance in partnership with President Donald J. Trump, the United States Air Force, NASA and DARPA have helped the American Mob, We the People, to wake up from a trance that blinded us with eyes wide shut to the crimes against humanity conducted in the United States and around the world. 

As it turns out, there is a Great-Power that is not oft discussed, the 5-10% of the population of the world that is born into or trapped by secret societies that have special interests above all else.  There are extremist powerful elements in every country on the planet.  There is a secret religion that is being exposed, and that is very old.  Each country that has an obsequies evil lurking and creeping is dealing with a population that believes earth is Hell and the domain of Lucifer.  These people are in a competition for world domination, empire building, fortune, fame and superpower.  These people are the top 5-10% of society that are controlled by the top 1%.  The top 5-10% of the societal power pyramid is the same 5-10% that are born into the hell of secret societies, especially the satanic occult (400M globally if 5%).  

Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, the BRICS Nations, are all negatively affected by European colonialism, British Imperialism, IMF-WorldBank-CentralBank, UN, NATO.  The United States of America has been the hammer and anvil at the beck and call of the British Empire and Globalist Special Interest.  Crimes against humanity are being committed in every nation.  The BRICS Alliance realizes that they cannot build the One Belt’n’Road project under the threat of bombs from NATO and the USA.  The BRICS Nations also recognize that they cannot hold the moral high ground if there are crimes against humanity being committed in their countries.  The cost of joining the BRICS Alliance and New Development Bank is the removal of corruption and crimes against humanity from within its national boarders.  The cost of admission into the Artemis Accords is the removal of corruption.  The Abrams Accords are similar to the Marshal Plan post World War 2; a great redistribution of wealth on a grand and global scale to stimulate growth and prosperity in a new economy without the ever present liquid evil and perma-wars.  

The solution is an international Joint All Domain Information War to control information release through declassification efforts on a global level.  The fall out of the declassification events will result in the prosecution of people that committed crimes recently and in decades past. The resulting economy that will replace the economy under the Central Bank will operate differently, and with more liberty.  

The people of America will make money providing energy, food and technology to the world.  The Commercial Space Industry will drive international investment into the USA.  American businesses need to get busy building and manufacturing technologies destined for space deployment.  American businesses need to focus on expanding our Space domain dominance.  American businesses need to take the best of our technology advancements off-earth and use them here on-earth to create an ever more perfecting republic.  

WorkWeb is well positioned to help the Commercial Space Industry as a part of the Artemis Generation.  

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