WorkWeb, Inc. was founded in 2014 as a Colorado S-Corp. WorkWeb shifted to a Colorado C-Corp in 2016 when we took in our Angel Seed Round investors. WorkWeb is proud to stand by its commitment to its shareholders in an American Shareholder Capitalist business model. WorkWeb is seeking excited and engaged commercial partnerships: Customers, Partners, Vendors, Investors and Staff. WorkWeb has provide and will continue to provide shareholder value by delivering enterprise class Professional Services Automation (PSA) / Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) / Customer Relationship Management Plus (CRM+) software to SMB businesses around the world that use the product to help their businesses scale with greater efficiency and success. WorkWeb competes against companies such as but not limited to Salesforce, which has a CEO who has publicly abandoned Shareholder Capitalism and has gone all-in Texas hold-’em style for Stakeholder Capitalism. WorkWeb has a rich blockchain future ahead of it, but unlike the other big-tech crowd, WorkWeb is looking for a National Blockchain Platform to erupt to counter the IMF Central Bank Digital Currency and the Public Blockchain Sector. Contact a

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