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WorkWeb has reduced its Social Media footprint to LinkedIn, which it feels is a critical component to its online footprint for now. WorkWeb competes with Big-Tech, however WorkWeb is Young-Tech which means WorkWeb is not beholden to other forces. WorkWeb will not re-launch Facebook or Twitter until major changes are made at those companies. WorkWeb is reviewing YouTube. WorkWeb is reviewing its direct physical and digital marketing plans. WorkWeb specifically desires to avoid spending money for advertising on platforms that are behaving like lunatics

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  1. As the author of this original article, Brad Shilling, Co-Founder & Strategy Officer, I am disappointed to announce that I am in my 3rd LinkedIn Censorship Banning. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Rumble, Parler platforms are all exhibiting behavior counter to the 1st Amendment.

    So the question is – what does a company do when it no longer desires to support the social media platforms by distributing content on them. Social Media Platforms give a location for content to reside, to be commented on, to be shared and debated.

    There are new platforms coming online: Frank Speech, and purportedly a new platform from a Trump team. People are populating these new platforms (over 2B to Frank Speech in the first 3 days). The question is: what will their advertising paradigm be?

    Most of the social media platforms make money by billing companies like WorkWeb, Inc. to distribute content and calls to action to a target audience that is well filtered and hyper targeted. What happens when companies like WorkWeb, Inc. decline to advertise on their platforms?

    Most of the professionals that I know have either been permanently banned, or have voluntarily deleted their personal and/or professional profiles from Twitter, and Facebook. I have observed that most people have not yet decided to push the envelop of LinkedIn because the business value of that social media online presence is high. It was challenging on a personal level to abandon Facebook in Q4 2020. I was never a fan of Twitter, so deleting that network location was also easy at the same time as FB. I decided to keep LinkedIn personally, and professionally for WorkWeb, Inc – on the hope that they would not conduct aggressive censorship actions.

    I have now fallen victim to censorship, 3 times. The process of appeal is interesting – submit a copy of the front and back of your Drivers License to prove your identity. I was allowed back onto the platform in the first 2 restrictions (each about 5 days long). I am currently unable to login to LinkedIn – and I am indeed hoping to be allowed back on. But the relationship is broken.

    LinkedIn is riding roughshod on the freedom of speech. If I cannot be on the platform, I cannot be an effective Admin for the WorkWeb LinkedIn page. LinkedIn makes money by charging users like me for Premium accounts and Sales Navigator Licenses (not cheap). LinkedIn also makes money from companies like WorkWeb, Inc. to place content in the feeds of well filtered and highly targeted groups of users. What happens when companies like WorkWeb, Inc. decide to leave the platform for other locations out of protest?

    We are close to removing LinkedIn from our online presence.

    Brad Shilling
    Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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