WorkWeb is a Centralized-Decentralized Cloud based software system. The business model that WorkWeb, Inc. runs is Software as a Service (SaaS). The SaaS product is The technology is best in class, industrial strength, trustworthy, flexible, robust Cloud technology. WorkWeb is a Cloud-Application distributed in a Centralized-Decentralized Datacenter Infrastructure. WorkWeb as described above, is absolutely not a Blockchain system. WorkWeb has been hard at work in the R&D house to understand the necessary and obvious morphology the blockchain evolution will demand.

80% of businesses are still in their Cloud Migrations, though they feel unnecessarily lost in the Cloud-Mist, not necessarily knowing where they are going or what the end state or end game looks like. 80% of businesses have a Cloud Migration Strategy that still has items left on the To-Do-List. Mid, Mid-Large, Enterprise companies have long completed their Cloud Migrations and have started their Blockchain Evolutions; Tesla’s purchase of Bitcoin is a high profile example. Every business team in the world that uses the financial system starts their Blockchain Evolution by scheduling their first formal meeting to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the blockchain industry.  720-375-9930 : Brad Shilling : Co-Founder Growth & Strategy.

WorkWeb began its Blockchain Evolution in 2018. WorkWeb, Inc. was registered as a DBA of Mammoth Universal, Inc. (the original brand name of the company).  Now WorkWeb, Inc., the SaaS product was renamed from to (The .io is a nod out to the Blockchain industry “input / output”.) The brand change from to coincided with our R&D activities related to potential construction projects in the Public and/or Private Crypto Economy. WorkWeb conducted multiple studies with multiple innovation teams, development teams, legal teams,  and finance teams between 2016-late 2018 in the blockchain industry.

WorkWeb hit the abort button in late 2018 on formal development or finance planning activities related to the Blockchain industry for a multitude of reasons, principally the SEC regulatory pendulum was not only oscillating but was also spinning wildly out of control in the USA and all other nations simultaneously. The chaos of the regulatory scene still rages as the imminent changes approach. Equally important, the teams that WorkWeb engaged with understood blockchain technology to be years from truly prime-time; the Board of Directors of WorkWeb agreed that blockchain technologies are an important software development platform that will come into prime-time in 2025 +/- 2 years. WorkWeb focused its studies on when the flexibility of the software developed on a Decentralized Application (dApp) on a Blockchain Consensus Protocol Network was equal to or greater than the flexibility provided by traditional languages and technologies used today in 2021 as best in class. WorkWeb also focused on the economics of hosting and maintaining a SaaS configuration vs. a dApp configuration, which configuration of systems architecture would create equal performance at equal or better financial cost to run. WorkWeb determined that the flexibility of the code and systems would be equal to or greater than SaaS by 2025 +/- 2 years. WorkWeb determined that dApp economics would be more compelling than SaaS economics by 2025 +/- 2 years.

WorkWeb also recognized in 2018 that the Government of the United States (Local to Federal) was not creating law or policy favorable to rapid and unabashed adoption of blockchain technologies. Some countries around the world are moving forward with creating innovation hubs for blockchain experts to flourish in. The USA has a lot of blockchain talent, however other nations are changing faster and innovating faster than the USA because they are clearing the road and creating clear direction, or at least clearer direction. In short – It remains irrational for a US Citizen or a US Business to hold and manage Digital Assets, as the SEC refers to the money used in the Crypto Economy.

This is an over simplification, but its not far off:

  • 2016 WorkWeb created its Invoicing & Billing Module Designs which included research into all possible digital payment methods available in the Smarter 21st Century.
  • 2016 Economist Jeremy Rifkin pushes hypothesis he and others developed to introduce the “Zero Marginal Cost Economy” in a “Post-Westphalian” world.
  • 2017 WorkWeb launched its Invoice & Billing Module including a Digital Payment Gateway to enable WW customers that use the WW invoicing platform to settle invoices with Credit Cards and ACH, aka Digital Payments.
  • 2017 President Donald J. Trump took office, a maverick and unexpected President of the United States.
  • 2017 was the first major Bitcoin & Crypto Currency manipulation
  • 2017-2018 were the years of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s). 
  • *WorkWeb has a viable and normal use case for an ICO: “WorkCoin”.  WorkWeb, Inc., could sell Private-Equity for a Series-A Growth Round in traditional and well litigated transactions with a Venture Capital Firm – the Traditional Way of Shareholder Capitalism.  WorkWeb could follow a different path; from a technologists point of view, WorkWeb could also seek the equivalent of $50M of purchasing power on the Ethereum or Cardano platform in the form of ETH or ADA with an ICO Contract that collects ETH or ADA and issues WorkCoin.  From a technologists perspective, WorkWeb could be simultaneously part of both Shareholder Capitalism and Stakeholder Capitalism.  From a technologists point of view WorkWeb could ‘transition’ from Shareholder Capitalism to Stakeholder Capitalism.  The only reason why WorkWeb still has its foot on the break on the ICO is because the laws are as of yet unwritten.  The Public Blockchain CryptoEconomy is the wild west of circus money.  Vast amounts of law needs to be written – doctrines developed and tested.  Equally important to the legality problems, the Mob is fawning over 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th Generation platforms in a race that will produce millions of generations over the coming 10 years.  2025 +/- 2 years still looks to be the event horizon for the technology.*
  • 2017-2018 was the year many criminal warms came wriggling out of the swamp when the SEC in the USA (along with other nations) slammed the pendulum of regulation back toward illegality.  Fraudsters were creating fake ICO’s.  Russia, China and the USA among other nations clamped down on the Public Blockchain Sector.  Big-Old-Money-Whales went hard into the Public Blockchain Sector.
  • 2018 was the year that Gartner reports and other major analysts began pouring cold water on the initial hype wave, the chasm of despair.
  • 2018 was the year the global military force posture changed. “Fights On”, General David L. Goldfein, 21st Joint Chief of Staff of the US Air Force.
  • 2018 the BRICS Nations offered all UN Members an alternative to the IMF/WorldBank/CentralBank – called the New Development Bank (NDB).
  • 2019 was the year of the SDR and ESDR.  Facebook Libra project, JP Morgan Chase, IMF all very active and vocal.
  • 2020 was the year of COVID and Election and massive fiat printing all over the world.
  • 2021 is the year the IMF launches their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • 2021 is also the year that the BRICS Nations will say, “No”, to the CBDC and adopt their Westphalian National Crypto Currencies on the NDB.
  • 2021 is also the year the Public Blockchain Puritans are seeing the Public Blockchain sector receive mass adoption which is pressuring the IMF/CentralBanks.  Many people around the world are moving their purchasing power into the Public Blockchain Sector.  They are chasing Evil-Money-Whales in the earliest networks innovated, in the wild west circus of tech money without any understanding of the underlying tech or overarching monetary chess match.  US Citizens, should pay attention to the law, and follow the law.  The Public Blockchain Puritans are correct in being against the IMF-CentralBank, but the answer is not the economic chaos of the Public Blockchain Sector.
  • 2021 is also the year the United States of America will provide their citizens with a clear understanding of what monetary system will rule the United States 2021+.


WorkWeb is expecting the United States of America to launch a completely new US National Currency, riding on a completely new software platform that is a Distributed dApp Platform. WorkWeb is expecting the United States of America to have a common economic zone with a new US Dollar that citizens and businesses use in a common economic national zone. WorkWeb is expecting this platform to compete internationally with the other National Systems, the IMF/CentralBank Powers, Public Blockchain and Private Blockchain sectors.

WorkWeb can and will spring to action to connect its invoicing and billing system to the most rational digital payment systems possible. WorkWeb is not currently integrated in such a way as to enable CryptoPayments for invoices because our customers are American businesses and using Crypto Currencies as a placeholder for Legal Tender is in the grey zone and irrational at best. If we need to, our development team will develop payment options that allow our American Business Customers to receive CryptoCurrencies as payment for invoices. At this time, we have not spent development hours conducting that mission because we are confident that the USA will launch a national platform that is currently not available to the general public.

While it is true that WorkWeb predicted the technology would not become prime until 2025 +/- 2 years, the easiest of all applications to create on Blockchain is payment processing. Building a complex Professional Services Automation Platform as a dApp is very hard, however building a financial system that transfers purchasing power (coins) from X to Y is the easiest of all of the use cases of Blockchain to code. As a result – it looks like the financial system is going to change in 2021.

WorkWeb will eventually introduce blockchain enabled features throughout its system creating a SaaS/Blockchain Hybrid capable of scaling through the 2020’s. To re-create WorkWeb as a dApp, WorkWeb could conduct an ICO in the Public CryptoEconomy (which would be participating in Stakeholder Capitalism), or it could conduct a Private Equity Round (which would be participating in Shareholder Capitalism). WorkWeb, Inc. is run by a team that are devoted to Shareholder Capitalism, and thus we are seeking a Smart Money investor that wants to get into the blockchain industry by owning Private Equity, not public equity. WorkWeb is not expecting to conduct an ICO; WorkWeb is expecting the USA to announce a new National dApp Platform with a US Digital Dollar. WorkWeb understands that the IMF is going to launch their Central Bank Digital Currency system, but the USA will not participate. WorkWeb understands change is coming, but WorkWeb does not expect the Public Blockchain Sector to win, nor the IMF/CentralBank. WorkWeb expects to be integrating with a new system soon – though we are waiting for clarity from the Department of Defense.

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  1. Business Planning System (Final, Phase III)
    Executive Summary
    Universal Permanent Money
    (Integer Gold)
    (Ultimately, Universal Permanent Money will be pegged to Universal Permanent Number.)

    The Unlimited Quantitative Easing is needed to combat the double crises of health and economy. The economic instability caused by Quantitative Easing or borrowing from the future will not subside until the confidence in fiat currency is completely eroded. US President Donald Trump and many economic think tanks are starting to entertain the notion of returning to the Gold Standard. The gold price has the potential of being pushed up from 10 times to 30 times to link the US dollar to the gold, from a supply and demand point of view. To mitigate this potential shock in gold price rise, Integer Gold can serve as an intermediary instrument to solve the problem stemming from the difficulty in using gold as a medium of exchange. The change of the price of gold should be gradual rather than abrupt and should not over-shoot. Gold should be allowed to gradually find its price based on its intrinsic value. Ultimately, Integer Gold should replace the role of gold as the only acceptable currency, while gold will just serve as the standard of value. Integer Gold or Universal Permanent Money is discovered based on the completely automated software Universal Permanent Software, which also form the theoretical foundation for life science. Universal Permanent Money is a product of the Age of Life Science, making the concept of money harder to understand than that of price, which is a solution in the Age of Social Science. Society needs to have a thorough understanding of the concept of money.

    Up to now, the world does not have a suitable currency to be used as money. Only gold is a permanent currency. But, its supply is inadequate. And gold is hard to handle. Universal Permanent Money could be the most ideal currency to be used as money. But, even the ideal currency must be controlled based on a thorough understanding of the function of money in the economy. Money is a useful medium of change in an economy. Money is like the solvent of a solution; it is useful to keep the solute to circulate. The solute represents products and services. The ideal money should be a part of a barter system, which requires the money to have intrinsic value.
    Money is created by loans secured by assets. Loans are provided by banks or any organization with money. In particular, the US dollar is a loan note backed by the US economy. When provided by banks, new money can be created or that the newly created money balances the existing assets, approximately, as described in the equation Price x Quantity = Velocity of Circulation of Money x Money Supply or PQ=VM.
    Money needs to compete for their desirability. Mankind need to find something permanent, universal, and in sufficient quantity to be used as money.
    Money supply must satisfy the economic conditions:
    1. Satisfy the Quantity Theory of Money: PQ = VM (Price x Quantity = Velocity of Circulation x Money Supply),
    2. Satisfy the condition: Rate of Return > Interest Rate > Inflation, where Rate of Return must be calculated by the solution of value
    3. Satisfy the criteria for the growth of money supply: Inflation Rate = VM/PQ – 1,
    4. Have permanent intrinsic value, and
    5. Have unlimited supply.
    In Item 2, the Rate of Return sets a ceiling for Interest Rate and Inflation and can be determined from the post-science solution to the problem of value posed by Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu in Debreu’s book Theory of Value.
    For example, fiat money can satisfy 1, 2, and 3, and gold can satisfy 4, and only UPN can satisfy all 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Additionally, UPN can be used as digital currency with blockledger (similar to blockchain with just two links) security check. The intrinsic value of UPN is similar to that of ISBN, which is the global standard for identifying book titles making books easier to manage and charges from $0 (Canada) to $125 (USA), verses the listing price for UPN being $10 for a 13-digit UPN. ISBN is an example of incorrectly designed number system, which will come into conflict with other number systems in a global search. UPM ultimately will be pegged to UPN, which based on its intrinsic value.
    Economics deals with money and economic equilibriums with instabilities. Technically, economics deals with balancing the increase in quantity of products and the money supply to keep inflation within a range of tolerance. When the economy is out of balance, the market of nature will take over human control and balance the economy with economic instabilities. Thus, avoiding undesirable economic instabilities is a central problem for economics. For example, printing too much money will cause inflation, but increase money supply can stimulate investment to increase the production of assets.
    The current most advanced economists believe in the Free Market, which is advocated by Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich August von Hayek, etc. Friedman has contributed with numerous evidences in support of the deregulation of man-made laws. The Free Market is stabilized by the invisible hand or the supply and demand model, but suffers from economic instabilities. Thus, the main deficiency in economics is instability. The current society is undergoing a currency crisis, in which ever greater volume of money needed to be issued to cover up the over borrowing from the future with no end in sight.
    In order to study economic instability, the economist must start from an economic equilibrium. Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu have formulated the problem of general economic equilibrium or the supply and demand model with mathematical rigor in Debreu’s book Theory of Value. Arrow has further pointed the inadequate treatment on page 34 of Debreu’s book of discounted cash flow. Lacking training in mathematics, except mathematical economists, economists are helpless in solving financial crises, which are driven by economic instabilities, as many economic phenomena, such as over and under-valuation, inflation, and growth, are unstable. In particular, the price is quasi-stable, stable in the spatial direction and unstable in the temporal direction of the past and the future.
    In 2020, the world is faced with potentially the historically largest economic instabilities, particularly, those relating to inflation and price or over-valuation of real estate and stocks. There is an historical high amount of money supply to fuel the instabilities. The conditions of equilibrium are (1) Price Equilibrium: Keep the price in permanent equilibrium and within the range of tolerance of the two additional economic conditions: (2) Interest Equilibrium: Rate of Return > Interest Rate > Inflation and (3) Monetary Equilibrium: Price x Quantity = Velocity of Circulation of Money x Money Supply, which is the Quantitative Theory of Money, PQ = VM. The price plays the central role in the solution to instability.
    The problem of value of Arrow and Debreu has been solved completely by post-science and has been market tested with the prediction of both the Savings and Loan Crisis and the Subprime Woe by the post-science mathematically rigorous solution of value, as disclosed in the patent by Hugh Ching “Quantitative Supply and Demand Model Based on Infinite Spreadsheet” (Pat. No. 6,078,901) and demonstrated at Both Arrow and Debreu endorse the solution of value, after reading the patent and viewing the computer demonstrations. However, even after having predicted the crises for both Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke with solving the Subprime Woe for Bernanke with Quantitative Easing, economists still unable to understand the solution of value, due possibly to the mathematical barriers, which have been reduced to a minimum in the patent by Ching.
    In 2020, enormous amount of Money Supply M is needed to compensate for the sudden decrease in the Velocity of Circulation of Money V in order to avoid economic shock or to keep Price x Quantity PQ stable. The low inflation allows the interest rate to be reduced to near zero, as there are few high-rate-of-return investments, due mainly to the lack of innovation in the current money-oriented society, where the economy pursues only short-term and monetary returns, as innovations requires long-term consideration. The short-term worry is when, where, and how will the economic instability be triggered. The long-term solution is innovation.
    In spite of the claim by business and governments that our currency systems are correct, there has never been the existence of Universal Permanent Money as the correct solution to our currency system. For example, gold is Universal Permanent Money (UPM), but its supply is too limited to provide the needed currency for the economy. Temporary substitutes of IOUs have been created to fill the gap between the total demand for money and the amount of UPM available in the economy. A rational economy needs a rational money system. The invention of UPN (Universal Permanent Number based on completely automated UPS (Software) is also the invention of money. All the current money types are not really suitable as permanent money, which is guaranteed to last permanently, even when governments or even the earth perish. The best example of permanent money is gold, but the fatal defect of gold to be used as money is its limited supply, while UPN or UPM is unlimited.
    UPM represents the invention of money; it is a yet-to-be-solved-and-implemented fundamental economics problem. UPM essentially revert transactions back into the barter system, where objects of value are being exchanged and the medium of exchange can be kept perfectly stable, that is that no excessive inflation of deflation.
    The current Bitcoin movement has removed the monopoly of government in printing money. Every private issuer of money can exchange their money for fiat money, if there is a exchange value of the private money. Thus, the issuer of money has created money out of thin air, as is the exclusive privilege of governments in the past. If a government is willing to collaborate on UPM, UPM will be automatically accepted as an exchangeable international currency.
    The advantage of Integer Gold is summarized below:
    Currency Comparison Chart
    The control of money supply determines the soul of a society.
    Resource allocation depends on who supply the money.
    Characteristics Currencies
    US Dollar BitCoin Gold Integer Gold UPN (Number)
    Permanent No No Yes Yes Yes
    Universal Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Intrinsic Value No No Yes Yes (Double)* Yes
    Security Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Ease of Handling Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Adequate Supply Yes No No Yes Yes
    Supply Control Yes No No Yes Yes
    Stability Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    *Like Gold, Integer Gold can be use for two functions of UPM and UPN.
    What Regulate Government Market Nature Knowledge Knowledge
    Who Rgulate Politicians No one Businessmen People of Knowledge
    Social progress depends on who supply the money.
    Politicians will supply money mainly for military competition. Businessmen will supply money for economic competition. Thinkers will supply money for knowledge cooperation.

    1. WorkWeb is conducted intellectual research on the Blockchain Technology, Geopolitical Implications and Monetary Systems. We concluded that The IMF-CentralBank Fiat System is at end of life and the IMF-CentralBank will launch their CentralBank Digital Currency in an attempt to force mob-mass adoption to the CBDC system. The Public Blockchain CryptoEconomy hypothesis that the Public Blockchain Puritans are pushing results in untenable economic chaos. WorkWeb is confident that the IMF-CentralBank will launch its CBDC. WorkWeb is confident that when the dust settles from the storm, the new Government will create new laws favorable to national currencies. Like it or not, Web3.o is the Internet of Chains. National Currencies will compete in the networks of distributed systems. WorkWeb could begin construction in the Public Blockchain Sector tomorrow from a technical perspective. WorkWeb has not started construction in the Public CryptoEconomy because the policies and regulations issued by a corrupt government are subject to radical and instant change by edict. WorkWeb recognizes the very real technical benefits to starting construction in the Public CryptoEconomy, however, we also recognize that WorkWeb, Inc. is an American Company owned by Americans, who abide by American Law, Subject to persecution for stepping outside the law. The problem with touching the Public CryptoEconomy is that there is NO LAW – no jurisprudence. Additionally – Blockchain Networks are not easily evolved once launched, and the rate of innovation is staggering. The most popular Public Blockchain Networks are not the most functional. WorkWeb is waiting for a technology network that is better than SaaS-Cloud for capability and flexibility.

      WorkWeb expects the Department of Defense to issue a new monetary unit as a matter of national security. WorkWeb expects the DoD to protect and defend a common national economic zone where we can pursue life, liberty, happiness, and the pursuit of personal property. WorkWeb understands how NASA, the Air Force and Space Force worked together to create a coalition of military forces that provided new pathways for nation to nation direct diplomacy. WorkWeb understand the Artemis Accords.

      WorkWeb thus hypothesizes that the DoD is about to expose to the world what American Apeshit Factor means in a modern War of Cognition. The resulting economic system post storm will be vastly different and incredible. America and other nations are united. We the People demand that our nation stand as a free Republic.

      What is your specific hypothesis?

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    1. Thank you for commenting. There is a lot more to say – the question we are wrestling with is how to decide what needs to be said and decide how to say it. There is much that needs to be said.

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    1. This is indicative of the presentations of presentations that are coming from the CryptoCurrency Public Blockchain Puritanism. Essentially the hypothesis that is presented in the above hypothesis on a macro scale suggests that nations will not launch their own currencies and the Central Banks Digital Currency will fail resulting in an economy in Web3.0 Internet of Chains CryptoEconomy. The CryptoEconomy remains wild and untamed financial system option that does not have the support structures of law and order. The Research and Development conducted by WorkWeb staff leads us to conclude that the legacy banking system with the US Petro Fiat Dollar as the World Reserve Currency has already had its heart attack, the Central Bank and Secret Societies will attempt to force the mob to adopt Central Bank Digital Currency which is a dead horse on arrival, the Public Blockchain Puritans composed mostly of Secret Society members want a pure CryptoEconomy or a ‘forever financial war’ with the Central Banks, and Nation States will launch new National Sovereign Currencies that will ultimately win mass adoption as the other horses die.

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