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Please take a moment to consider the following questions to decide what next steps will be.


Is your company fully dependent on Microsoft 365?

Is your company fully dependent on Google Workspace?

Is your company less efficient due to the widespread use of numerous software tools among the staff?

Does your company suffer inefficiencies because there are too many software tools spread amongst the staff?

Have your staff or customers complained that the ‘right and left hand don’t know what each other are doing, thus mistakes are being made’?

Do you find that data integrity drifts over time differently in disconnected software systems?

Are you finding a challenge in your search for an affordable comprehensive adaptable well-rounded software database system for your business?

Do you have ideas for custom software solutions that never materialized due to cost?

Have you ever tried and implement a software management toolset designed for sales, operations, finance all in one platform? What was the experience? If not, why?

Do you have an existing PSA or ERP software database that you wish to replace? What? Why?

Do you want to see efficiency gains company wide for the purpose of higher profitability and increased customer/staff/partner/vendor satisfaction rates?

How many different software systems and apps does your staff use? Is that budget optimized?

WorkWeb is a business management software toolset that reduces pain and creates gains for businesses from 1-250+ employees related to the questions above.



Question 1

Is your company fully dependent on Microsoft 365?

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