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WorkWeb, Inc. was founded in 2014. WorkWeb, Inc. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. WorkWeb, Inc. builds, maintains and enhances the WorkWeb.io Business Professional Services Automation (PSA) cloud-based software toolset for SMB and Mid-Large companies in multiple industry verticals. WorkWeb, Inc. provides software development services for customers utilizing the WorkWeb.io Business PSA platform. WorkWeb, Inc. maintains its Cloud and Data Storage in the United States of America. WorkWeb, Inc. is a Colorado, USA company. WorkWeb, Inc. has Partners that help to refer and sell WorkWeb.io to the market. WorkWeb, Inc. has Integrated Software Partners that help extend the functional use case of the systems. WorkWeb, Inc. WorkWeb.io has Partners with White Label license. WorkWeb.io has Partners that licensed a clone of WorkWeb.io licensed to an industry that it outside of the scope of WorkWeb, Inc. WorkWeb transitioned its first non-paying customers to paying customers in 2015, most are still current customers. WorkWeb, Inc. went to market between 2015-2017 under the brand mTusker.com, formally changing the brand to WorkWeb.io in 2018. WorkWeb, Inc. enhances features on WorkWeb.io on a daily basis and will continue to enhance the system for years to come.

The WorkWeb.io Business PSA SaaS system is built in a robust, enterprise, distributed-centralized platform from industry standard, robust technologies that are best of breed. WorkWeb.io provides enterprise class functionality in an abnormally dynamic and flexible customization paradigm that allows businesses to adopt the system to their company while at the same time building their company into WorkWeb. Businesses that are evaluating WorkWeb need to work with a professional consultant that are capable business analysts and business reengineering professionals as well. WorkWeb’s professional consultants are qualified to work with a CXO level team, through the middle management and down to the ground personnel to understand the needs and wants of each. WorkWeb Partners also do a great job of helping prospective WorkWeb customers understand a wide scope of functionality and customization options of the WorkWeb.io PSA platform, its integrated software partners and its API. WorkWeb affiliated Partners are experts in understanding the high level and ground level needs of businesses and how to match or invalidate WorkWeb as a viable answer. WorkWeb has a wide natural functional boundary set, and WorkWeb also has a wide API. WorkWeb has a high degree of customization options, including code customization at an affordable point. WorkWeb.io is built to handle hundreds of thousands of users, tens of thousands of business customers, the infrastructure is dynamic and automatically scaling.

WorkWeb, Inc. will continue to enhance the WorkWeb.io PSA platform existing features as well as develop additional macro features. WorkWeb, Inc. will continue to develop its customer base, strategic partners and integrated software partners. WorkWeb, Inc. is well aware of the blockchain industry and will begin key integrations as the regulatory landscape becomes more concrete in the United States of America in particular. WorkWeb, Inc. will translate to multiple languages and release internationally in due time in response to the market.

WorkWeb provides above average customization options on top of enterprise class functionality at a price point that is directly targeted to drive maximum value to the micro-, small, medium, medium-large business market.


WorkWeb has a diverse Partner ecosystem.  The best way to jump into a Partner conversation is to contact us.

Direct Referral Partners of WorkWeb are rewarded with commissions for referring a company to WorkWeb that becomes a customer.

Direct Master Partners of WorkWeb are the top tier Direct Parters with WorkWeb.  These Partners have significant input into the design and function of WorkWeb.  These partners often have the DevOps team needed to work with the API and the WorkWeb development and architect teams.  These Partners have a downstream line of WorkWeb referral and sales partners that funnel through them for legal access to selling rights and commissions rewards.  These are Partners that have a strategic desire to develop a commissions revenue stream based on helping companies evaluate, adopt and maximize WorkWeb.

Direct Partners of WorkWeb.io do not have to be a Master Partner with a downstream line of Sub-Partners funneling business.  WorkWeb Direct Partners are motivated to build a commissions revenue stream based on helping companies evaluate, adopt and maximize WorkWeb.

WorkWeb has integrated software vendor partners that are available to our customers at the functional boundaries of the system that are connected via API.  Some of the integrated software companies were initiated by WorkWeb, and other Partners approached us.  WorkWeb has been and will continue to be open to integration with new Partners.

WorkWeb does have a group of select technology providers that are optionally purchased through WorkWeb.

WorkWeb does offer advanced and customized licensing options: Clones & White Label.

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