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Fast Track CRM+ package is affordable and packed with value.  Some companies are specifically shopping for a point CRM solution that is highly configurable, functional and fast.  WorkWeb Base Administration, Power Tools and CRM modules are the foundational modules upon which all else is built – and are offered as our freemium modules.

We have 5 different types of standardized user types, with flexibility to custom design a user type and price.  Micro, Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise companies use CRM systems.  To access the enterprise class CRM, a company simply needs to discover the difference between the user types, understand the price per month for each, and multiply by the number of users per type.  $40, $25, $15, $10, $5.

90%+ of WorkWeb customers add the Project Management Module to their account at the time of launch.  The Project Module, as all other modules has a per month charge for the account (not per user).  The Project Module is $50/m. 

90%+ of WorkWeb customers have added business modules to their WorkWeb platform over time as they master each area and tackle the next. 

Greater than 30% of WorkWeb customers have activated the MailChimp API

100% of WorkWeb customers have influenced the overall functionality of the system through user feedback and an open invitation to collaborate with each of our customers. 

New customers that want to launch a WorkWeb account and get started will need to speak with one of our professional consultants.  Click here to connect and get started.

“It’s Complicated”

With increasing frequency, Micro, Small, Medium size businesses are actively shopping for key words: Customer Relationship Management Plus (CRM+), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Professional Services Automation (PSA), Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO).  Different industries vernacular and functional lean differentiates these systems.  WorkWeb is a Business Software Platform with a CRM and WorkFlow at its core with purchase a la cart modules to stack up the functions and systems that are needed enterprise wide, without having to pay for systems and features not well suited for a specific business. 

Click here to connect with a professional consultant that will help direct a series of conversations to take a deep dive into your business with you to figure out what parts of WorkWeb are right for your business. 

The pricing is easy to understand, the Keep It Simple Fast Track builds the basics of pricing.  The Base Administration, Power Tools and CRM Modules are offered at no cost per month and each additional module added has a monthly cost for the account as a whole.  A company must figure out how many users of each type need to be paid for per month to figure out the end cost.

50%+ of WorkWeb customers use 90%+ of the modules offered publicly.  Some of the modules are specialized modules with less than 10% of the customer base using 100% of the modules offered.

5% of WorkWeb customers have commissioned private modules that expand the functional boundaries of WorkWeb, of which 50% of those customers opted to make their enhancement publicly available with a royalty kickback.

40%+ of WorkWeb customers have activated a broad spectrum of publicly available API’s, and a further 20% of WorkWeb customers engaging the API to connect items they need to the database system they adopted.

Mature organizations that want to contemplate the adoption of WorkWeb will learn that there are many decision influencers, decision makers and key decision makers that will want to and should way in on the features and functions available that would help them.  The process of identifying the adoptability of WorkWeb as an end to end enterprise-wide software solution is extensive and will likely require a vigorous internal conversation about process reengineering in the digital age.  Our professional business consultants are all mature business analysts that are able to quickly and deeply understand your company and provide inside and outside the box recommendations on how the WorkWeb Business Software Suite can be used to increase efficiency and efficacy to hit and exceed their mission goals. 

Highly successful WorkWeb customers must invest in multiple staff members that are responsible for becoming WorkWeb Power Administrators.  The key to long term success utilizing WorkWeb is an investment in culture and training.  WorkWeb customers that migrated from a competitive solution in the market to WorkWeb typically have team members that are responsible for the CRM+, ERP, PSA platform which produces a very effective transition from one system to another.  WorkWeb customers that are transitioning to a PSA platform for the first time often need to promote and enable staff members into the role of long-term PSA platform management.  Businesses that utilize a PSA report a change in recruiting approximately 6 months after initial adoption; a new focus on Process Reengineering emerges in a culture of innovation and problem solving. 

Highly successful WorkWeb customers embrace the above average customization options and out of necessity become more innovative and creative than before the adoption of a PSA platform.  The process of maximizing a PSA system is an always evolving and unfolding adventure, as is the journey of a business.  WorkWeb professional consultants or a WorkWeb Partner specialize in helping companies imagine their way onto the platform.  WorkWeb professional onboarding staff or a WorkWeb Partner will help the company configure the system for initial launch – and will continue to help over time.  WorkWeb customers that invest in the mastery of the WorkWeb tools begin a long-term cycle of making a more perfect union between the segments of the business.  The WorkWeb Power Administrators must be enabled and expected to check in with team members on the ground, middle management and leadership to listen for and promote innovation, creativity and process reengineering.  Power Administrators cycle through the business from end to end and return to the process regularly both reactively and proactively.  The first Power Administrators advance quickly, but they also form a training and recruiting element for the next generation of Power Administrators that can either fill in when the Senior Power Admins are out of office, to be their helpers throughout the system and to eventually inherit the Senior Power Administration responsibility in the future.  Power Administrators that are operating to Best Practice will configure the system for a team according to the reality on the ground at that time, and then let the team use that configuration for several months before introducing another wave of process efficiency programming.  The above average customization options in the system are simultaneously the biggest value and also the biggest hurdle.  Businesses that use WorkWeb invest the time and energy to understand all of the configuration options and then imagine how they need the system to be.  WorkWeb Power Administrators are necessary.  The total time cost for the Power Administrators is what a business wants to spend.  The more they spend, the more optimized they will be year over year, conversely the less they spend the less efficiency they gain.


WorkWeb customers are long standing, because the system is enterprise wide, hyper functional and well-priced.  The fundamental contract term is 12 months with 12 month auto-renew. 

WorkWeb customers can add Modules to their WorkWeb platform at anytime at their control if desired.  Most of the time WorkWeb customers contact their Account Manager to learn more about a module they want to consider adopting which leads to a more white glove activation and guidance to adoption. 

WorkWeb customer do sometimes decide to stop using a module and when that happens their Account Manager and Customer Service simply remove the module from invoicing to make sure WorkWeb value modules are the ones that are being used and paid for. 

Customers add and remove users as needed and the monthly invoice is calculated on the number of active users with user seats on the day of invoicing. 


Onboarding Support is a customized conversation. 

Fast Track Packages typically require 25 hour of training and guidance from WorkWeb or a WorkWeb Partner.

Mid Track Packages typically require 50 hours of training and guidance from WorkWeb or a WorkWeb Partner.

Full Track Packages typically require 75 to 100 hours of training and guidance from WorkWeb and or a WorkWeb partner. 

WorkWeb customers typically apply 3:1 labor hours compared to WorkWeb to configure and populate WorkWeb. 


WorkWeb onboarding staff and or a WorkWeb Partner will conduct software coaching sessions as well as lead team meetings enterprise wide to guide everyone through the 3 areas of focus activity to launch successfully. 

Users need to be built, Seats and Modules need to be applied.  Security Limitations need to be setup and applied.  System Tables and Custom Fields need to be constructed and data needs to be added, including in some cases even historical transaction data needs to be imported. 

Template systems need to be engaged and Templates created.  The Power Tools WorkFlow system needs to be set up to maximize automation activity and standardizations. 

API’s need to be connected and synchronized appropriately on an account level and users that want to connect their email need to do that individually. 

Users need to be trained on their areas of the system and have exposure to other parts of the system that they need to know exist but don’t need to have access to on a daily basis.

Leadership Teams will need to exercise their leadership skills and flexibility.  Leadership teams need to enable their employees to be innovative by delegating the onboarding process and freely giving trust.  Leaders need to enable their staff with the challenge of programming perfectly the first round but offering the grace and encouragement when a process needs to be updated after the initial configuration. 

WorkWeb customers that master Power Tools WorkFlow Automation refine multiple times in the first year but then end up stabilized in their processes thereafter only adjusting as needed.


Successful WorkWeb customers are mature teams that are dedicated to a culture of communal accountability and communication through notes and database details in a single end to end enterprise wide system. 

Customer Service teams train their customers to maximize their engagement through the Client Portal that is simply an extension of they core business platform.  Partner Managers train their partners to use the Partner Portal that is an extension of the core business platform.  RFP Managers train their Vendors to use the Vendor Portal that is an extension of the core business platform. 

Sales Users are trained and expected culturally to use the tool because without system engagement there is no automation.  Operations are trained and expected culturally to use the tool because without system engagement there is no automation.  Financial and Legal and Leadership users are trained and expected culturally to use the tool because without system engagement there is no automation. 

Because WorkWeb is an end to end enterprise-wide system, the overall business velocity accelerates, and the quality of delivery goes up.  Teams become motivated to engage the database system because they have a single source data platform as the source of truth instead of many systems with data that is hard to keep synced.  Teams become motivated to engage the system because when one or more people operate out of their email boxes and fly by the hip, stuff gets lost in the cracks and fires happen.  Successful WorkWeb customers have a cultural requirement to engage in the common communication platform centered on the customer records. 


WorkWeb customers that master the PowerTools WorkFlow Automation systems, the team has extra cycles available for higher level projects and challenges.  There are fewer live customer interactions requiring extensive human to human emails and calls because there is a higher degree of proactive automated communications and software touch points that move information around.  There are fewer fires to put out because there are fewer items falling off the best practice band wagon into the lava below.  There is a better overall quality to the experience for all people interacting with the organization because there is a higher degree of quality delivery and process. 

Large and enterprise companies have had the financial capacity to develop highly sophisticated software automation systems to provide the people they interact with daily with high quality experiences.  WorkWeb provides micro, small, medium sized businesses with the software tools that produce the same high quality, high efficiency and highly successful interactions. 

Leadership teams that use the WorkWeb Business Software Suite benefit in their strategic planning because they have access to a massive quantity of well organized and unified metadata that can be leveraged by business analyst experts to better make data driven decisions.  The data analysis can help the team to increase profitability as well as to make expansion decisions.  The business analysis ideas are not new, but WorkWeb simplifies the process of collecting and cleaning data that can be analyzed. 

Business Teams that master WorkWeb end to end are able to jump the curve and scale as they desire.  Business teams understand that their costs will expand as they expand, but WorkWeb maintains a very aggressive price point at scale, maintaining and building value over time; teams do not need to budget millions of dollars for software automation, they can budget orders of magnitude less at scale.  Business teams can be confident that WorkWeb is robust enough to handle scaling from micro to large or enterprise business. 

WorkWeb understands exactly where to integrate the Distributed Finance (DeFi) and Blockchain Based Digital Payment Gateways.  Click here to learn more.

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