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Opportunity Cost

Calculation of ROI includes considering what long term inefficiency will do to overall competitiveness in the 2020’s and beyond.

To really put the cost to reward picture into focus, a few big business questions need to be considered.  Calculating the ROI of the platform requires some simple math and then some complex forward thinking. 

What is the opportunity cost of not using WorkWeb Professional Services Automation Software? 

What is the cost of not modernizing and automating in the 2020’s with an Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)? 

WorkWeb has a very strong ability to provide predicable and effective cost control for the software system itself.  For small and mid-sized companies, the ROI is just a matter of a couple of customers per year more than without the system; if the question is very black and white.  For small and mid-sized companies, the ROI is essentially the man-hours it takes to re-onboard and master the system vs. the man-hours saved by having a more operationally excellent organization plus the sales acceleration that follows. 

Old Systems Retirement

Calculation of ROI includes removing other software tools from the cost budget line items.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Client Portal, Partner Portal, Vendor Portal, Industry Verticalization Functions, Project Management, Service & Asset Inventory, Dispatch, Ticketing, etc.

How many systems can be retired after migrating them into WorkWeb?

Increased Automation

Calculation of ROI is proportional to the customers engagement of Automation.

Optimizing WorkFlows saves man hours by the thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands. 

Optimizing WorkFlows by Automating what can be automated allows the team to shift gears and apply their precious human minds to greater cognitive challenges compared to the pre-adoption process and culture.

There are many line items of cost for technology throughout an organization, software systems among them.  All technology deployments have a common application across the tech domain – technology increases satisfaction ratings and experience for one or more of these people that interact with the company organization: Customer, Partner, Vendor, Employee, Shareholders, Government.  WorkWeb provides an institutional upgrade in experience satisfaction for the people that provide input, output and touch points for people and machines. 

Digital Transformation has been a key word and call to pivot for many years, a trend that is and is expected to increase the pressure for change in an ever increasingly aggressive pace.  WorkWeb provides companies with a unified data and workflow platform to maximize efficiency within a distributed workforce and assets.  We encourage our customers to work with us to develop API’s to systems outside of the functional boundaries of WorkWeb.  WorkWeb increases the amount of real time unified data enterprise wide that is needed for a modern successful company for the 2020’s and beyond.

COVID increased the pressure to identify ways to modernize in a dramatic and unexpected way.  WorkWeb customers benefit from not having to rely on as many server-based systems and data silos that are hard to access and or replicate in a digital virtualized environment. 

Diverse User/Portal Access

Calculation of ROI is better Customer, Partner and Vendor Relationship satisfaction.

Customer, Partner & Vendor Portals help create trust and satisfaction.  Typically it is expensive and challenging to cobble together different systems for an integrated customer portal interaction.  WorkWeb provides this in a seamless platform.

Leadership Teams Value

Calculation of ROI includes increasing efficiency and success of the Owner/Partners, CXO’s, Presidents/VP’s, Leadership teams.

WorkWeb is perfect for companies that have discovered that they have had success in maturing their organization processes and procedures given the tools that they have deployed to date – but have a desire to mature their efficiencies again based on a new set of tools.

WorkWeb is perfect for small companies, startups included that want to access a system that they can afford when small but continue to use as they scale through the goals set forward in a 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 year trajectory.

Some WorkWeb clients chose to abandon their current, more expensive CRM/ERP/PSA platform in favor of WorkWeb because of superior flexibility and customization options, equal or greater functionality where it counts, and a lower price point.

Some WorkWeb clients chose to abandon the tornado of different systems and hundreds of spreadsheets for the first time because the feature functionality is reach, the natural customizability is built in, and bespoke customizations are allowed and affordable. 

Some WorkWeb clients purchase and leverage the system as a point solution among their existing tornado of systems, because WorkWeb modules can be purchased a la carte for companies that have a need and want for a point solution.  For example, many of the WorkWeb customers recognize the Commissions Platform as world class even as a standalone value. 

WorkWeb actively markets in multiple industries and the blend of modules for each industry vertical is unique do each because of their unique needs.  WorkWeb clients appreciate the ability to pay for what they need, without having to pay for features and functionality that is irrelevant for their industry sector. 

Business leaders often lament about the lack of internal and external business insights and a desire to analyze the vast amount of metadata and digital exhaust that is produced in a modern 21st century business.  WorkWeb provides the teams that have the discipline with business toolset that will provide end to end structured data for analysis and visualization. 

Business Leaders spend a tremendous amount of time handling staff traffic and putting out fires.  Putting out business fires can derail an entire leadership team for years – always putting out a fire here or there takes the leadership away from making intelligent strategic moves and successfully executing the operational goals.  WorkWeb WorkFlow automation and end to end unified data platform provides the leadership team with fewer fires to put out month over month because of increased team efficacy and fire prevention. 

WorkWeb offers the SMB and Mid Market with an affordable system which is important because the cost point of comparable systems is preventatively high.  Business leaders are often left discouraged when they realize the profit margin of a small company running with relatively high inefficiency is higher than the same company with massively expensive automation software that is helping to make the team more efficient.  WorkWeb provides the SMB and Mid-Market with a system that is appropriately priced so that they can adopt the software and realize greater profits via increased automation and unity gained by using a system such as WorkWeb. 

WorkWeb is a system that can bring on a micro company of 1 or 2 people at a micro-price point of $600/year.  Understanding the top side cost through scaling is important.  If a company started with WorkWeb for $600/year with 1 person, and they successfully scaled to 100 employees, the cost of WorkWeb would top out between $30K-$60K/year depending on the number of customer and partner portal user seats leveraged.  The same cost point for comparable systems is well above $100K/year often greater than $250K-$500K per year.  Companies that use WorkWeb can start small and stick with the same platform, increasing the features used and the number of users understanding that their future total cost of ownership will remain extremely competitive through the scaling process. 

WorkWeb is a system that can provide feature functionality, adding modules over time.  A small company that wants to leverage the vast majority of the functional system can access the entire suite for less than $500 per month and then scale at $15, $25, or $45 per user. 

WorkWeb provides all of the leadership team with a common operational picture, in real time, enterprise wide.  The ability to make well informed, data driven decisions is enhanced when leveraging WorkWeb end to end.  The real time common operational picture leads to a team that can make better decision with less meetings because the team has a better grip of the variables at play.  Increased situational awareness leads to increased situational cognition – an increase in the understanding of the situation which leads to better on the spot decisions by individual people day by day. 

WorkWeb is imbued with an extreme level of customization in the functions of the different tools, the user experience using various role based and individual based security controls and individual user preference controls.  Not everyone should see all of the information in the system at all times.  WorkWeb has the tools needed to provide radically different user experiences for different users so that they have only the functions, data and details that will enhance the experience.  The data in a single database represents real time changes enterprise wide and can be published in full or in partial to Clients, Partners, Vendors, WorkWeb EcoSystem Partners, Sales, Operations, Project Management, Manufacturing, Dispatch, Ticket Management, Customer Care, Finance and leadership.  The efficiency gains of being able to have a common real time common operational picture is invaluable.

WorkWeb will help companies increase their top-line growth and increase their bottom-line growth compared to using the usual tornado of disparate systems or using a much more expensive comparable product.  Increasing efficiency in the sales department removes friction to growth.  Increasing customer and partner satisfaction removes friction to growth by increasing return business and new customer acquisition as well as reducing churn.  Increasing efficiency reduces the man-hours required to achieve the same results and or allows the same labor force to have higher output. 

WorkWeb is not a Fortune 100 company and therefore remains highly responsive to individual customer needs for customizations that apply to the general product population as well as customizations which may be unique for them.  WorkWeb is creative in its ability to create affordable customization options.  WorkWeb customers repeatedly comment that the value of being able to influence design and function at an affordable way is a key value add to working with WorkWeb compared to comparable systems where customizations are expensive and usually have long wait times.

Leadership teams that optimize their business teams with WorkWeb have an increased ability to think outside the box in a strategic way based on the options provided by WorkWeb.  For example, the system can be configured to handle different business teams that may need the same functions but have dropdown values that are completely different from other teams using the same features.  WorkWeb provides franchising report role up functions as well as several different WorkWeb EcoSystem 1:1 and 1:many linkages that can be made if multiple WorkWeb accounts are deemed appropriate.

Sales & Marketing Teams Value

Calculation of ROI Includes Increasing the traction success of the sales team and marketing efforts and teams.

CRM Best Practices are the subject of thousands of books and studies and playbooks.  The beating heart of WorkWeb is a CRM that provides organized and mature sales teams with the structured data optimization approaches prescribed by CRM best practice.

The WorkWeb Complex Commissions Calculation Module is the worlds most functional and flexible commissions platform among comparable software solutions.  Healthy Sales Cultures can be made or broken based on the flexibility, accuracy, transparency and timelines of commissions programs.  Your sales team can harmonize with the financial and leadership teams with greater success.  Sales teams that use WorkWeb Commissions have trust and confidence in the science and art of commissions.

Sales teams and operations teams that work together to optimize WorkWeb WorkFlow Automation have greater success in the handoff between sales teams and operations teams, while providing the customer with a highly satisfactory experience through efficiency and professionalism. 


The CRM has an advanced API and an open invitation to our customers to engage and hookup to other software tools that are outside of the functional boundaries of WorkWeb.  We can and do work with every customer to understand their API needs – always maintaining an affordable option to enablement.  For example: WorkWeb has an API with MailChimp that helps keep campaigns organized and populated.  (Connect with Consultant to explore ideas)

WorkWeb provides sales teams with real time understanding of product and service inventory and availability as well as real time insights into future availability of inventory based on manufacturing and supply line activity.  These real time insights provide sales teams to be faster, more responsive and agile in the market as they interact with their current and prospective customers.

Some companies operate a high volume of RFP and RFI activity.  WorkWeb provides unparalleled RFP/RFI organization and automation systems to optimize the sales teams ability to respond to the market.  

WorkWeb provides and order platform can be promoted to Internal Sales Team Members, External Sales Partners, Customer Portals if desired.  The level of catalog, pricing, packaging, and real time item availability is controllable at a very granular level, including Approver type functionality. 

WorkWeb provides the ability for customer X and customer Y to link up in several different ways to allow both organizations to optimize sales and operations between them and their customers.  WorkWeb also provides the ability for groups of up to 500 companies to link together in our Group Link EcoSystem to optimize in industry verticals and/or regional coverage.

WorkWeb Mobile App provides Sales Team Members with the ability to quickly access or enter key customer data, such as addresses and contacts, but also provides them with the ability to build an order on the fly and capture customer authorization on the go – while at the same time triggering WorkFlow Automation in real time.

Operations Teams Value

Calculation of ROI includes increasing efficiency and success of the Operations teams.

Operational teams convert strategic initiatives into execution and movement to operational objectives by structuring and optimizing data, people and systems to produce the affects in the field desires.  WorkWeb provides the structured data infrastructure to allow the operational leaders across the organization to see and react to.  WorkWeb increases the amount of structured data that can be utilized without increasing the cost of data manipulation from Business Analyst teams. 

WorkWeb has a comprehensive API across our business modules that represent the functional boundaries of the WorkWeb software.  WorkWeb has key integrations throughout our system pre-positioned well for certain industries, but we also have an open invitation to our customers to create API integrations in an affordable way.

WorkWeb provides higher integration and success of tracking labor hours to inform HR, Payroll and Invoicing which provides greater success and efficiency between the Operational and Financial teams. 

WorkWeb provides the manufacturing, dispatch, warehouse, and service teams with the ability to inform their leaders and sales teams with accurate availability pipeline details which breeds better success and relationship between the operational teams and sales teams. 

WorkWeb provides a Product Manager (or person in charge of pricing) with a high degree of set-and-forget programming, including promotions, packages, Packages, and special commissions.

WorkWeb provides a Single Ticket Management Triage Center that aggregates and optimizes operational ticket management from different functional areas of the WorkWeb functional domain as well as systems that are hooked into the API.  Operational teams increase their efficiency and efficacy by optimizing processes, automation and escalations.

WorkWeb provides the ability for customer X and customer Y to link up in several different ways to allow both organizations to optimize sales and operations between them and their customers.  WorkWeb also provides the ability for groups of up to 500 companies to link together in our Group Link EcoSystem to optimize in industry verticals and/or regional coverage.

WorkWeb provides the operational, sales, financial teams with the systems to better control by the sales, financial, legal and leadership teams to match orders, contracts, key documents, forms, key details, forms and agreements with its document and forms systems.

WorkWeb provides operational teams and financial teams achieve greater success and efficiency in calculating and collecting on complex invoicing challenges.  WorkWeb handles Monthly Billables, Metered Usage, Add Ons, Refunds, Service Level Agreement Filtered Labor, SLA Penalty Refund, assets onsite or any combination above to calculate and execute invoices.

WorkWeb Dispatch Management Systems allows Warehouse and Dispatch Managers with real time understanding of their deployed technicians and service availability.

WorkWeb mobile App provides dispatched technicians and operational personnel with key customer information, including operational details, as well as the ability to upload site pictures and gain customer completion signatures – successfully launching WorkFlow Automations in real time.

The Service Inventory Module provides the operational teams with the ability to increase and organize the structured data for customer inventory details in a highly flexible system.  Team members with appropriate security access can if desired view the granular particulars of a specific service or contract inventory.  The Service Inventory System provides a seriously important structured data element that keeps data from being lost or taken out of context.

Project Management Teams Value

Calculation of ROI includes increasing Efficiency and success of the Project Management teams.

Dedicated Project Management Teams usually partake in a wide range of Project Management Types enterprise wide, ranging from Pre-Sales, Sales-Ops Hand-Off, Delivery from a customer perspective, but they may also oversee a diverse set of internal project management oversight and training for other departments.  WorkWeb provides these project managers with a Roles Bases Milestone-Based Project Management tool that can be used to optimize repeatable projects as well as on the fly for bespoke projects. 

Project Management Teams that engage the WorkFlow Automation systems of WorkWeb are able to provide a higher degree of success and efficiency to the Project Management processes throughout the organization.

The Project Management Module can provide the Client Portal with basic, deep or interactive experience with the Project and Ticket Management systems.  Providing customers with insight into their Projects, combined with regular automated notifications of progress greatly increase the customer satisfaction rating of projects completed.  This is also true with the Project Vison on the Partner & Vendor Portals if desired.

The Project Management Module provides a well-organized and optimized management of Work In Progress (WIP).  Project Managers, and all need-to-know personnel have a better ability to prevent milestone slippage and keep the projects flowing with greater overall efficiency. 

The Project Management Module provides companies with the WorkFlow Automation tools at this key location in an enterprise to increase efficiency by cutting out unnecessary man-hours.  For example, when a milestone is completed, an email can be sent to the need-to-know parties to inform them of the event and next steps.  For every email automated, the organization saves  0.1 man-hours.

The Project Management Module WorkFlow Automation systems help to provide Project Managers with proactive triage of items that might slip so that they can prevent the slip from happening, or potentially mitigate the impact of a slippage. 

The Project Management team, and all other team members benefit from referencing a common operational picture so that they have access to key documents pre-sale, time of sale, post-sale, as well as access to the entire customer record – which reduces mistakes and increases overall operational efficacy and increased customer success. 

Project Managers have the benefit of having access and key understanding the dispatch managers, and plant managers on the status and availability of inventory and options in real time, including pressures from the sales team pipelines on the same inventory and availability of products and or services. 

Project Managers have access to key customer details across the entire enterprise without having to cross different systems and team silos to gain a complete operational picture.

WorkWeb EcoSystem functionality allows for Company X and Company Y to link up to optimize operational efficiency between them.  WorkWeb also allows up to 500 companies to Group Link together to optimize industry verticalization opportunities and or organize for regional operations.

WorkWeb has an open invitation to our customers to integrate the Project Management module with other systems that may be needed but outside the functional boundaries of WorkWeb.

Manufacturing Teams Value

Calculation of ROI includes increasing Efficiency and success of the Manufacturing Teams

Plant Managers benefit from having a real time understanding of the sales pipeline needs, and they have the ability to provide clarity to the sales teams on the current inventory and future pipeline inventory

Plant Managers benefit from having a better understanding of the plant capacity in its current configuration, as well as an understanding of the efforts for reconfiguration depending on demand and output goals and thus have better ability to be configured for the correct output based on demand.

Plant Managers have better structured data and insights into their plant operations and quality outputs.  WorkWeb provides the system and the cultural nudge to collecting and leveraging structured data along the way through the manufacturing process.

Consistent, high quality partially finished and finished goods is achievable with a system that helps guide the team members and machines through their sequential steps, WorkWeb provides the recipes, instructions, and key tips and guidance for the floor workers.

WorkWeb provides the financial methodology and corresponding functionality for manufacturing teams and market makers to influence the unit price depending on the underlying influencing raw materials costs for each batch. 

WorkWeb Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning Module provides small batch recipe to mid-sized manufacturing teams, including construction with the best practice software backbone of larger organizations, which increases the overall quality control paradigm of the unit. 

WorkWeb Project Management Module provides the manufacturing team with a seamless data link to the Project Team that may be coordinating a larger milestone-based project – allowing WorkFlow Automation to increase.

Plant Managers have an increased understanding of where processes and procedures are bottlenecking and where investment efforts should be applied to make the overall process more efficient.

Procurement staff have the ability to automate inventory refreshment to help prevent back order delay issues.  Procurement staff can also provide their vendors with a Vendor Portal for professional engagement with suppliers. 

WorkWeb provides the ability for Company X and Company Y, both using WorkWeb to interact for industry verticalization efficiency gains.  WorkWeb also provides an unlimited number of companies to link together for Industry Verticalization.

WorkWeb API provides the ability for Procurement to increase automation with vendors and suppliers that are not using WorkWeb themselves but have API data to share.

Financial Teams Value

Calculation of ROI Includes Increasing Efficiency and success of the financial teams

WorkWeb invoicing system creates simple and complex invoices to be issued automatically and/or after staff review.  WorkWeb is able to blend Monthly Recurring billables, plus product/service Add-Ons, Service Level Agreement Filtered Assessable Labor, Service Level Agreement Penalty-Rebates, Dispatch Fees, Refunds and Metered Usage into a single invoice or many invoices depending on desire and situation.  Finance teams often have to chase information around the enterprise before cobbling together a complex invoice.  WorkWeb provides efficiency gains to a company handling complex invoice challenges. 

WorkWeb triggers Credit Card and ACH payments with the digital payment gateway integration when a pre-authorized automatic billing invoice is created and sent.  Billing is captured through the Merchant Processor that you work with.

WorkWeb has a General Ledger Connector API that our customers can engage to route invoice and payment details between systems.  Quickbooks and Sage are standard process – and others can be incorporated with the API. 

WorkWeb Commissions Module provides the financial team with the ability to calculate and pay commissions with efficiency, accuracy and nuance with minimal or no contact with the sales managers.  Commissions can be calculated and executed against invoices created or invoices paid.  At the end of the month, the commissions totals are prepared and ready to pay, based on a software driven process instead of a manual process.

WorkWeb commissions module provides unparalleled flexibility and control for mass commissions processing from outside sources.  WorkWeb provides companies with the ability to find no-pays, under-/over-pays. and miss-pays from commission sources paying commissions to the business organization (if there is a commissions revenue stream).   Finance teams capture commissions inaccuracies rapidly and accurately in a fraction of the time compared to comparable systems and or manual processes.

WorkWeb Commissions Module is unparalleled in its real-world flexibility of commissions processing and commission splitting.  Finance teams that need to calculate complex commissions splits using WorkWeb are both accurate and efficient which provides efficiency gains on the front end as well as on the backend with less or no commissions disputes.  This breeds a culture of trust, which can be elusive between sales, ops and financial teams.

Finance and Customer Service Teams benefit from having orders, contracts, forms, key data, flowing from the orders into the operations teams.  Because the product and service inventory and readiness situational picture is well understood by the Sales, Operations, Manufacturing and Project Management teams, there are fewer customer problems that arise post sale when translating from sales to delivery.  Increased Customer, Partner, Vendor and staff experiences are measured in efficiency and satisfaction.  Fewer misfires is fewer fires to put out later. 

WorkWeb provides the ability for Company X and Company Y to link together in different ways to optimize the operations between them.  WorkWeb also provides up to 500 companies to GroupLink together to optimize operations between them. 

WorkWeb API provides pricing influence from vendors and suppliers to flow directly into the catalog and order systems which increases the efficiency of the finance team by having to handle fewer backend financial translations. 

WorkWeb is primed and ready to integrate with key Blockchain Technologies to enable smarter 21st century digital billing payment platforms.  Contact WorkWeb for more information on the future interactions and benefits with the up-and-coming Decentralized Finance (DeFi) CryptoEconomy. 

WorkWeb Bill Expense Management allows a financial team that verifies accounts payable against a software toolset to help them identify problems with expenses from invoices that the business needs to pay catch potential fires before they burn.  Savvy companies keep a tight eye on the invoices they are expected to pay to make sure the costs are as predicted, WorkWeb provides a tool for companies to use to make this process as efficient as possible with WorkFlow Automations to create escalations when necessary. 

WorkWeb Manufacturing ERP provides critically important information to the finance team as the tracking of raw materials ebbs to tracking of partial and fully constructed goods in real time. 

WorkWeb CRM and Order Systems provide the Finance team with key insights into the sales pipelines and performance metrics in real time. 

WorkWeb Tickets, Projects, Activities, and Manufacturing labor details provide the finance team in real time. 

WorkWeb provides the finance department with immediate access and manipulation capabilities of data throughout the system required to understand operational performance vs. pro forma goals for profitability. 

The Finance team can work with the operations, sales, business teams to identify process bottlenecks and to proactively map investments with real time enterprise-wide data. 

The Finance team can find a wider range of diverse financing options by examining the structured metadata available in unique and innovative ways.  Companies that use WorkWeb according to best practices are able to answer for the first-time major questions such as, but not limited to: “What is our actual Customer Acquisition Cost, what is our actual Customer Total Lifetime Value, and can that ratio be optimized?  What is the actual EBITDA?”.  To answer these questions with precision and accuracy, the structured data must be present enterprise wide.  WorkWeb provides teams that want to answer these questions with the end-to-end software platform to allow the metadata to speak for itself. 

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